How register as a developer?

2021.11.27 02:06 R3htribution How register as a developer?

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2021.11.27 02:06 Zadkiel05X [FOR HIRE] Hello! I do illustrations and portraits. Rates start at $25 for portraits and $40 for illustrations with background.

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2021.11.27 02:06 helenkelur New to crypto and dont understand this graph. Is it a mistake or does it just usually drop down to zero for a bit?

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If ur under lvl200 u have to go first because of sc4mmers.
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2021.11.27 02:06 jacobzhu95 辛普森一家集數重現「天安門坦克人」一幕 Disney+ 香港無上架 英美可如常收看

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2021.11.27 02:06 Serious-Ad1592 Can confirm, that is a man, a dwarf, and an elf

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2021.11.27 02:06 Otherwise-Plan8614 I don't know what to do with my life, and something feels missing.

I don't know what it really is but for the longest time I have never really felt as though I have had a purpose/goal to fulfill in my life. I have always had trouble trying to get into new hobbies, and really the only long-lasting hobby I have ever had is gaming, which I have had primarily for my whole entire life, and at this point, I would not even consider it a hobby, it's more just something I do to relax or if if am bored. Really the only other thing I have been able to pick up on is reading. I recently purchased and am close to finishing Tolkien's lord of the ring's series which has been a really fun ride so far and it feels like that is really the only thing I have been having go on in my life. I am 16, I have stalled getting my drivers license, I do not do any extra curricular activities at all, and I have a hard time in general just trying to stick to something that will hopefully become enjoyable in the future. My academic course is quite rigorous, I take an AP class and all my other classes are honors, and sometimes it feels like I am just bombarded with too much homework to even begin thinking about potential hobbies or things I can do outside of school. I wouldn't consider myself a lazy student, I maintain straight A's, but at the same time I don't really feel any satisfaction out of it. It feels like the only reason why I maintain good grades is because my parents want me to, and act as though if I make one B I wont get into college. I often times ponder about what I want to do in the future, what career I want to pursue, etc. , but at the end of the day I really just hope to have a simple life. I don't seek fame or vast amounts of wealth when I grow older; really I just want to be close to my family/friends and live comfortably. To add onto that, I am also a very minimalistic person. I feel like nowadays people are too obsessed with ideas of success. I am not really into music, movies, and for some reason I have a hard time getting into pop-culture. I often times feel like I do not even have a personality, like I just "go with the flow" with how I am feeling, and sometimes before talking to people, even those close to me, I feel like I have to muster up the courage/a good conversation topic before I can even approach them. I have a good group of friends and love hanging out with the people I know, but often times during breaks or over the weekend I do not even talk to them, I sort of recluse into this weird state where I don't feel like talking to anybody and I just want to be alone and think to myself about whatever I have on my mind. I go on lots of walks, thankfully because I live near many forest trails, and that helps me think better. Sometimes I feel like I think about things so much (not in an anxious way, simply that act of thinking about something) that I have to always distract myself in some way or another to stop thinking so much about things in general. What helps me a lot is listening to podcasts; something about the constant talking makes me feel like I am getting out of my own head and listening to someone else and their own ideas. Sometimes I think about religion and the meaning of life, and have even thought about becoming religious. I will often debate with myself what the meaning of living is, but because I think towards the more positive side of things, I often come to the conclusion that life is something we can't understand, more just like something that happened, and there is beauty in simply existing. I just feel there is nothing special to me, and I just can't get a hobby and it really frustrates me. Often times when I want to start a hobby, I start, and almost immediately quit, find something else that seems interesting, look into it, start doing it, and then quit. I live in what I would consider a high middle class family and I go to one of the nations best high schools (North America) and have so many opportunities to become a greater person, but it gets overwhelming and then just immediately back out. And speaking of school, I hate it. I go to school, come home at four, and more often than not end up spending an hour or more on a simple piece of math homework because for some reason homework takes 3 times longer to complete in the afternoons (I obviously have more homework than one math sheet, I am just using that as an example.) I also have some pretty bad habits, like biting my nails, biting the skin around my finger nails, and picking the skin off other places on my body, and I think it all stems from me just being an overactive thinker. Sometimes I will pick at my skin and it feels like I am relieving a part of myself to maybe calm down (I don't cause pain to myself though, like it has nothing to do with sadism and what not.)
this was sort of just a rant idk. I don't have any hobbies, I don't have a goal to fulfill, There is nothing really that big I seek in my future, and I don't know how to feel fulfilled, even though there is so much at my disposal. I feel like sometimes I am throwing everything away. any advice?
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2021.11.27 02:06 Old_Raise9363 Anyone play on console ps4 ?

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2021.11.27 02:06 linaloolwho25 Return policy for moldy bud?

can I just bring it in for a even exchange or is it going to be a headache?? I've been really enjoying the gelato 25 x dosidos and moonboots buy Culta the new moonboots batch is phenomenal nothing but big dense colas. I don't blame culta, first time it's ever happened to me and I've prob went threw 1/2 oz no prob and no one would have seen it till the bud was broke open. Just wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this
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2021.11.27 02:06 the8bitericshow 8-Bit Christmas Movie Review - Did It Rip Game Chasers movie off? Did It Suck?

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2021.11.27 02:06 Mynameisbigpig 破大防了,在黑人男友的抽屉发现套子(我们一直无套😄)

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2021.11.27 02:06 SinnedTHEmenacE420 Done with these banners, time to stack up for the next one

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2021.11.27 02:06 mindfulvalor It's not the roll I wanted at Barrows, it's the roll I needed.

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2021.11.27 02:06 Whenjupiterdied Question

Has donut ranked every cavehicle in the transformers universe? I would watch it
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2021.11.27 02:06 Commercial-Soup-4449 Help kardo , so coaching mein my maths and chem mentors got changed and their pace is sort of fast , I'm fine with it coz mera 12th is strong , I proudly say I didnt cheat a lot in 12th except computer science mei

But the rest r doing it thru unacademy ytbe lectures at 2x , it sort of scares me coz participation is low in online class then. Kya karu ??? I'm able to do solve stuff So am I on the wrong way or my batchmates ??
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2021.11.27 02:06 Lpf3Jammin546 this is powerful

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2021.11.27 02:06 No_Buyer411 Kriti Sanon [2880*3302]

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2021.11.27 02:06 the_oneand_onlymelon Where alex got the images/ideas for different monsters V1

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2021.11.27 02:06 Anthony_Plaz_ Wallets for Minors

I’m a 15 year old that wants to get into mining but in order to get into mining, I was told I need a wallet to put it in too, and i’m not sure if I could open one but i seen other post saying yes but I don’t know which one are ok for minors.
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2021.11.27 02:06 larry6194 Help with plot development!

Hey guys, I’ve been writing this screenplay for a while and basically it’s the concept of two people meeting through unwelcoming circumstances which leads them to spend the night together in the city (literally not sexually). The dialogue and so forth is flowing great however I’m not sure where to go with this any further. What can I do next after the day is over? I do not want to end the movie there or have it rip of before sunrise, a midnight in Paris, before we go etc movies such as those ones. So I want a bit more depth than just conversation and the city. If anyone has any ideas of how things could develop or a way in which things could go I’d love to hear it. Anything would be welcomed honestly. Thank you for reading !
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2021.11.27 02:06 TriksyFTW assassination’s

so like are we gonna get assassinations in halo infinite or what?
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2021.11.27 02:06 taaiwa How come it seems like police get super revved up about traffic stops but not about other stuff?

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2021.11.27 02:06 Jagernaught34 Ryzen Upgrade

I am still a noob on PC building. I'll start by saying I really went budget when I picked my processor. I have a Ryzen 5 2600 I purchased when I built my PC and it isn't pairing well with my Radeon 6900xt. I want to upgrade to a Ryzen 9 5900x but I have no idea if this cooler is good enough. I have a cooler master Master Air g100m and I'm not sure if this will be good enough to max out everything or not, what would be a good recommendation and would this be okay to run with the Ryzen 9? Also I want to add my power supply is an 850w. Is this going to be an issue running this beefy graphics card and this processor on an 850? Thanks in advance guys.
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2021.11.27 02:06 Perfect_Cyborg (Spoiler)Tornado could had saved the world till now and details on who is really above her

With the latest chapter, it might be safe to say that Tornado's power is much more immense than we previously thought and that god might have sapped her power down. Even she was surprised when she started losing power and coughing up a gallon of blood. Because of this she would have completely destroyed Psykoorochi with the Twist had there not been any interference. She would have also destroyed Boros since looking back, Moonkick and Continent slice beam are comparable in power but the difference is moonkick took a tone out of him while Psykoorochi throw that shit out like she got a hundred more. Boros got the speed and Psykoorochi got the barrier, both got regen. Psykoorochi's ultimate attack might have been that concentrated super beam which Tornado just no sell. In fact Tornado's true potential might be able to take them both Boros and Psykoorochi out at the same time by redirecting them at each other especially if what Bang said was true about her having almost no limits.
There's also Tornado's future potential where she can easily get stronger not by working out but by studying secret forbidden and legendary tomes in the Garden of knowledge and superpowers, look at the cover for chapter 153. She can learn new stronger spells and abilities this way.
Now who is greater than her. Besides Saitama, god and Blast, there's Metal Knight and Drive Knight why. It's because MK and DK shows no interest or respect to her great powers which means both of them are aiming for something higher not to mention that CE already said MK is more powerful than her. Flash may not be interested in her but you bet he's going to be surprised and shocked if he sees her fighting with Psykoorochi. Metal Knight and Drive Knight however aren't even surprised or shocked in her fight with Psykoorochi so that should show why they are almost 100% more powerful than Tornado.
For monster I'll say Unmasked Orochi got a good shot at rivaling her why It's because Unmasked Orochi is just below god and being able to bring up a giant continental size chunk of the molten core and convert it into a cannon is insane. Platinum Sperm is the only monster above Unmasked Orochi since he is a new emergence that happened after the mural painting. Now here comes the big questions on why I count Platinum Sperm as new and not Psykoorochi. I believe that god after witnessing Psykoorochi failing decided to use some quantum divine metaphysics reality bending powers to insert Unmasked Orochi into existence as a new take so because of this Unmasked Orochi actually comes after Psykoorochi.
Platinum Sperm should be above even full power Tornado because each sperm is as strong as a A class hero and since the webcomic is different than the manga, I highly doubt HE would lie about this specific part. So imagine 1 million compressed power of a A class now 1 1 54 trillion!!! No way Tornado is beating this bad boy. Platinum Sperm power and defense is above planet level.
In short only Saitama, Blast, god, Metal Knight, Drive Knight, whoever the mad cyborg is, and Platinum Sperm is above her.
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2021.11.27 02:06 brmckeever WTB brs alpha beast BLADE idc what condition. Mine is ruined from dropping it so much. Whatever price is fair works for me!

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