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Found the perfect house…neighbors may be a problem…?

2021.11.27 02:12 puppylover246 Found the perfect house…neighbors may be a problem…?

So we found a house we love today. Our viewing wasn’t until after sunset so I drove by it earlier in the day just to check things out. The house looked amazing. The neighborhood is basically perfect. But the neighbors to my left have almost every square inch of their yard covered in political signs and flags. Now, I don’t care who they support or vote for as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it’s just the aggressiveness of the flags and messages on the flags. Like one said “F you if you voted for X”. Like what?!? Considering that my husband is away for work a lot, I just want to make sure I’m not putting my daughter and I in an unsafe environment. But they also could be very nice people. Idk. I wasn’t as worried about it until my dad and my sister kept pointing it out. Now I feel like I’m over thinking it. I mean you never really know who your neighbors are until you get to know them. But it seems like maybe they’re telling us exactly who they are with all of their lawn decor. I’m so torn! I don’t want to prejudge my neighbors but I also don’t want to ignore red flags because I’m enamored by a home. Ugh!
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2021.11.27 02:12 MikeWhoBikes X-T2, XF35mmf1.4: Loving the film sims

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2021.11.27 02:12 callicocallie Merch Discounts

Hopefully I won't shoot myself (or us) in the foot for this but maybe we can share discounts we've received for the U.S. Online Store in the past? I think I figured out that the discounts they sent to people like me (for delayed orders of the ombre hoodie and/or sweatpants from July) are actually useable by more than one person. But you can't use it more than once with your same account. You can use different emails though to use the same one. I was hesitant to share the discount code I saw someone on a 'Facebook' Taylor merch group share because I don't know if Taylor Nation would see it and shut it down, but maybe we can hopefully share some discount codes here and they won't get shut down (become unusable).
I hope other people who received a code could share it with others here too. If we all share our discounts, we will all have multiple codes to use in the future. They seem to work on anything (any items). Even on already on sale items (like items from the Black Friday sale.
Here are two codes (first one that was from 'Facebook' and second one I received):

Please share your other discounts and I will add them to the list. If we help each other, we will all have multiple discounts we can use in the future (hopefully).
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2021.11.27 02:12 StepReferal 💵💎Free instant $10 for signing up for a Step account💎💵

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2021.11.27 02:12 Mr_Brouillon Q: what about music?

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2021.11.27 02:12 wakablazer “The Way Life Goes” - Lil Uzi Vert & Oh Wonder

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2021.11.27 02:12 Ukgaymer03 M18 UK Gaymer looking for new friends

Hiiii, i'm just looking for new people to speak to on all the lonely days and nights, hopefully looking to find some new long term friends.
I'm not gonna make a massively long post about what i'm into or what i do because i think it'd be more fun to talk about it properly instead, on text or voice chat (people usually seem to like my voice and accent haha)
If you wanna play any games with me then I usually play on PC, although I have switch and PS4/5 as well.
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2021.11.27 02:12 stevebuscemiismygod Worried about MLT diploma program Canada

I just got accepted into the MLT diploma program at SAIT and I am beyond excited. I've wanted to get into this program for years but I never thought I'd actually be able to due to how competitive it is. I am of course going to accept the offer to join the program, but I have this extreme fear that I'm not smart enough to do it.
I have heard this program is very intensive and difficult even for people who have bachelor degrees and my educational background is a lot more limited. I am currently in an MLA program which I know is very easy, even with little to no studying I get grades in the 90's. However that's the extend of my post secondary background. So I have a couple questions:
How difficult is this course in terms of amount of course material vs actual difficulty in the material itself?
Are there many MLT's that have successfully completed the program without prior post secondary experience?
Overall, are you happy you became an MLT?
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2021.11.27 02:12 human-no560 U.S. President Biden calls for intellectual property protection waivers on COVID-19 vaccines

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2021.11.27 02:12 Embarrassed-Plate-70 I've never had this happen and I shat myself when I turned around and saw this.

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2021.11.27 02:12 Cheap_District_9762 u/SilverMedalss' husband was a moderator of several subreddits, thinking it was a job. Then u/PowerModerator commented don't insult the moderators

Original post
my husband refuses to look for a job even though I think it would be good for him (And we could use the additional income), but he just says he’s, “got too much on his plate already”.
That being monitoring these stupid subreddits. And Everytime I bring it up he claims what he’s doing is unpaid labor similar to that of a homemaker. But he doesn’t clean or cook or do any of that the way he used to. He just monitors his stupid subreddits. I don’t know what to do.
Sometimes I want to leave him because I believe I may not be able to reach him.
I'm seeing many bigoted comments down there so I just want to make this clear : any hate towards moderators will result in a permanent ban from this subreddit with no warning. This includes, but is not limited to, calling moderation a "fake job" or saying that we "do it for free". Moderation is one of the most useful jobs to society.
Behave. Or get banned.
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2021.11.27 02:12 plushmuffin3022 What’s a good on campus job for students?

I want to get a job for spring semester where I can also do schoolwork lol like a desk job or something. I’ve heard abt being a CA… how’s that job? Are there other desk jobs like that where u can do ur hw and the job and get paid . THANK U
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2021.11.27 02:12 mellow_jive How do you think you'd turn out if you raised yourself as a child?

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2021.11.27 02:12 Cheese_Man658 Thoughts on america

So i live in America and have a neutral/negative opinion of the country. As you know the country isn’t doing very well right now. i’d like to hear all of your opinions on the country, why it’s failing, and what it can do better.
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2021.11.27 02:12 smartsfortwo_xbox1 Nailed it ✅

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2021.11.27 02:12 Lopsided-Knowledge GOOD AMERICAN The Bombshell Bootie $56.23 (Orig. $251) on Nordstrom Rack

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2021.11.27 02:12 Medical-Branch7223 Please give on this quick poll! Would love to hear ya’lls thoughts! Thank you in advance.💕

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2021.11.27 02:12 dizzyskater69 New cameras not showing up on watch app

I got a replacement camera system due to failure and my watch app is still showing the old ones. The camera system is the exact same one I had before.
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2021.11.27 02:12 candlestickinurfries Would people be freaked by my scar?

I (17F) got a pretty cool shirt but it does reveal a pretty gnarly 6 inch scar on my back. Its all healed and stuff so its not like its graphic (personally I find the scar cool) and I realllyyy like the shirt. But, would people be a lil freaked by the scar if I wore it in public or to school? I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfortable.
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2021.11.27 02:12 KnightOfCinders QUE MONDÀ ESTA PASANDO? OME GONORREA OME

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2021.11.27 02:12 chienpo2007 Will i miss much if i ignore chest?

Not to say that i will not loot any chest. Is just that, while solo overland questing, a group of zerg just melt through the dungeon i was in and taken most of the loot. While i was busy fighting something else. This had happend twice in my first 2 hours in eso.
I get it, first come first serve. Eso is also an MMO. But i don't feel like waiting around for random low level loot, will this be an issue down the line?
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2021.11.27 02:12 CorrectRub7522 🌟 Hamsta 🐹 | ⚡️ Just Launched ⚡️| 7% BTC Rewards Just by Holding | Ambitious Roadmap Including NFTs 🐹 | x100 Truly GEM 💎

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🔥 A huge marketing campaign is being developed in detail for post-launch. Our team of marketing experts are developing a strategy to grow the project month by month after launch.

🌟Follow HAMSTA on Twitter and Telegram for more information, and let's all run through the wheel to reach those BTCs rewards!

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Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x7f030bc77e0a8389222a1daccfed64dec6a9c61c#readContract
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2021.11.27 02:12 TheMagicPie After 29 packs, a few trades, and 22 days, I finally completed Series 5, and finally have all US released Animal Crossing cards.

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2021.11.27 02:12 Dale__Fuego Snowmass Wilderness

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2021.11.27 02:12 AmericanaMissy Can I skip season 3 and then immediately watch season 4?

I just finished starting episode 1 of season 3, but so far I think I'm going to get bored. I think watching season 3 will be a chore for me :/ A lot of people say season 4 is a great season, and it makes me very intrigued. Plus, I'm interested in the new characters which are Margaret Thatcher and Diana.
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